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Secondary Physics Tuition Online

Secondary Physics Tuition Online is one of the featured tuition programmes offered by our featured centres. Under the guidance of skilful Physics tutors, you will learn to explore various Physics concepts and apply them to various examination questions. Get started in this exciting learning experience to unlock your learning potential.

Features of Our Secondary Physics Tuition Online

As a student of the Secondary Tuition Online, you will learn to use online learning means to consolidate your Physics conceptual understanding and apply them to a variety of questions. With our vast question bank, you can attempt numerous practices regularly and be prepared for the challenges during the GCE O Level Physics examinations.

Consult Physics tutors to clarify your doubts

As we understand that the study of O Level Physics can be an apprehensive experience, our online learning programme includes live-streamed classes in which you can ask questions to clear your misconceptions.

Receive concise study materials

We organise your learning by providing you with a summary of the key concepts. These notes are arranged by topics to make sure that learning is stress-free. Within each set of topical notes, there are important definitions and experimental setups for reference.

Review your knowledge through regular practices

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that you are exposed to a wide range of questions so that you can ace the school and national examinations for O Level Physics. We provide online practices that are marked and reviewed by our Physics tutors.

How do you benefit from this Physics Programme?

Our distinctive Secondary Physics programme features online learning tools that make learning enjoyable and effective. It is our belief that the study of Physics should be done through interactive ways so that students can grasp the concepts well and better appreciate its uses in the real world.

Watch learning videos to understand Physics concepts

We have many visually-illustrative videos to explain the meaning of different Physics concepts. Also, these bite-sized videos summarise the gist of each topic so that you can grasp the main ideas that are commonly mentioned in examination questions.

Try online practices to consolidate your learning

Given that the examinations will assess your comprehension of various concepts and how to relate to real-world situations, it is vital that you try out many practice questions to be familiar with the variations. These online practices are marked for effective progress review.

Engage in live-streamed virtual discussions

Learning is meaningful when you interact with the Physics tutor and other students in the Virtual Classroom. These classes are live-streamed to provide you with the convenience of studying anytime and anywhere. In fact, you can post questions and write notes for revision.

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