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Secondary Chemistry Tuition Online

Secondary Chemistry Tuition Online is an integrated learning programme to prepare students in the Upper Secondary level for the GCE O Level Chemistry examinations. With the constant guidance of Chemistry tutors as well as a comprehensive online learning system, you will develop the knowledge and competency to answer different Chemistry questions.

Features of Our Secondary Chemistry Tuition Online

By signing up for the Secondary Chemistry Tuition, you can harness the strengths of technology to make learning enriching and productive. With our animated videos, structured study materials and numerous online practices, we expand your capacity to reach for the stars and achieve your desired grades.

Analyse Chemistry concepts through animated videos

Understand Chemistry terms, such as covalent and ionic bonding, through illustrative videos. These are bite-sized to make sure that you grasp the main ideas quickly, so that you can relate them to the topics tested in practice and examination questions.

Organise your learning via concise study materials

Our study materials are arranged based on the latest syllabus requirements for O Level Chemistry. For those taking “Pure Chemistry”, these notes are in sections like Experimental Chemistry, Atomic Structure and Periodicity.

Refine your answering skills through online practices

Assess your knowledge competency by attempting practice questions that are based on the examination format. Our Chemistry tutors provide multiple choice, structure and free response questions for productive learning.

How You Can Benefit?

Our comprehensive Chemistry Tuition Online programmes have been developed and refined over the years to ensure that you can achieve your best during the major examinations. Our classes feature live-streamed discussions, online practices and informative articles to provide you with a more complete understanding of Chemistry issues.

Engage in online discussions with the Chemistry tutors

Our Chemistry tutors are delighted to support you in your endeavour through ‘live’ classes. You can attend these online classes conveniently and engage in class discussions to integrate your knowledge for examination preparation.

Practise regularly to understand real-world conceptual applications

Practice makes perfect! We have a vast archive of practice questions to make sure that you have adequate opportunities to review your study progress throughout this journey. Furthermore, you can seek feedback from our Chemistry tutors after completion.

Browse articles to gain insights in Chemistry-related matters

Read articles to find out more about the important issues relating to O Level Chemistry, ranging from topics like the latest updates to the Chemistry syllabus to noteworthy applications of Chemistry concepts to household and commercial purposes.

Reshaping education for Chemistry

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